Finally Something New / Old

Well it turned into an eventful spring and there hasn’t been much time for taking pictures but Lucy and I finally had a chance to get out and about.  We hit the road to “Leapers Fork” TN by way of the Natchez Trace.  Once in “Leapers Fork” we took a side street and decided to just get lost and see what we could find. Here are some of the best shots of our little getaway.





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Some Random Old Stuff

I was going through all the pictures we have stored on our computer and found a few that really don’t fit in any particular category other than “Old Stuff”. So here’s some random old stuff.


The Old Out House

So there you go – random old stuff – hope you like it….

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Nashville City Cemetery

The City Cemetery is the oldest continuously operated public cemetery in Nashville.  On March 9, 1820, the Mayor of Nashville and the Aldermen purchased from Richard Cross four acres of land located “on the plains, south of town, for its burying ground.”  The cemetery opened on January 1, 1822.  Fourteen years later the cemetery had outgrown its original site and more acres were acquired.  By 1850 the cemetery was the final resting place for over 11,000 people of every race, religion and economic status.

The City Cemetery was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1972 because of its historical and architectural significance.

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KOREA ’52 – ’53

While cleaning up my office I discovered a CD of photographs that my father had taken while serving in the Army in Korea in 1952 & 1953. I had scanned these many years ago because the originals were really starting to age. Now looking back at them they really tell the story of military life during that time. For generations that only know the Korean War from M.A.S.H. here is a look at the reality.

Arthur Pinkerton

Notice the skull

Dad also sent home pictures of one of the Korean towns he was in, I’m not sure what the town was called but I am guessing that it was much like most of the towns at that time.

It doesn’t matter if it was Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan or wherever. It takes a great person to serve their country in a war torn area. I salute them all an pray that you do too.

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The Big House

I had a few minutes to kill last week and decided to take a drive out to the old Tennessee State Prison. I was having a thoroughly good time until I was informed that I was trespassing and needed to leave immediately.  So I did, but I got a lot of great shots before they caught me….

Tennessee State Prison is a former correctional facility located near downtown Nashville, Tennessee. Opened in 1898, the prison has been closed since 1992.[1] It has been the location for the films Nashville, Marie, Ernest Goes to Jail, Against the Wall, The Green Mile, The Last Castle[2] and Pillar‘s “Bring Me Down” video. Most recently VH1‘s Celebrity Paranormal Project filmed there for the third episode of the series (titled “The Warden”) as well as the last episode of the first season (titled “Dead Man Walking”). The prison was referred to as “The Walls Maximum Security Prison” in both episodes to protect the location’s privacy. (from Wikipedia)

The prison’s 800 cells opened to receive prisoners on February 12, 1898, and that day admitted 1,403 prisoners, creating immediate overcrowding. To a greater or lesser extent, overcrowding persisted throughout the next century.

An administration building and other smaller buildings for offices, warehouses, and factories were built within the twenty-foot (6.15m)high, three-foot (1 m) thick rock walls.


Inside the walls shot thru an opening in a gate

The old Tennessee State Prison closed in June 1992. As part of the settlement in a class action suit, Grubbs v. Bradley (1983), the Federal Court issued a permanent injunction prohibiting the Tennessee Department of Correction from ever again housing inmates at the Tennessee State Prison.


Crows on the back guard post


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Mitchel Barn

A while back I posted some pictures that were taken at the remains of the old Mitchel place. Last weekend my wife Brooke and I went back out to the Mitchel property and this time we turned our attention to the barn.  My father tells me the original barn burned in the late forty’s and was rebuilt which would explain how it has lasted so much longer than the house.


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The River Road Mystery

These two buildings are pretty easy to overlook if you are traveling down River Road going between West Nashville and Ashland City.  I’ve noticed them many times and often wondered what they are. Were they built facing each other and only a few feet apart to help keep the cold wind from blowing in every time the doors were opened. Were these built for farm workers or servants?  I have no idea – maybe you do.  Leave a comment and let me know and I’ll spread the word!

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