KOREA ’52 – ’53

While cleaning up my office I discovered a CD of photographs that my father had taken while serving in the Army in Korea in 1952 & 1953. I had scanned these many years ago because the originals were really starting to age. Now looking back at them they really tell the story of military life during that time. For generations that only know the Korean War from M.A.S.H. here is a look at the reality.

Arthur Pinkerton

Notice the skull

Dad also sent home pictures of one of the Korean towns he was in, I’m not sure what the town was called but I am guessing that it was much like most of the towns at that time.

It doesn’t matter if it was Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan or wherever. It takes a great person to serve their country in a war torn area. I salute them all an pray that you do too.

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One Response to KOREA ’52 – ’53

  1. Paul Pinkerton says:

    Hey man great pictures on here. Tell your dad I didnt know he was a fellow WOLFHOUND. When I was stationed in Hawaii I was with the 4-27th INF Wolfhounds and the 1-27th INF Wolfhounds.

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