The Big House

I had a few minutes to kill last week and decided to take a drive out to the old Tennessee State Prison. I was having a thoroughly good time until I was informed that I was trespassing and needed to leave immediately.  So I did, but I got a lot of great shots before they caught me….

Tennessee State Prison is a former correctional facility located near downtown Nashville, Tennessee. Opened in 1898, the prison has been closed since 1992.[1] It has been the location for the films Nashville, Marie, Ernest Goes to Jail, Against the Wall, The Green Mile, The Last Castle[2] and Pillar‘s “Bring Me Down” video. Most recently VH1‘s Celebrity Paranormal Project filmed there for the third episode of the series (titled “The Warden”) as well as the last episode of the first season (titled “Dead Man Walking”). The prison was referred to as “The Walls Maximum Security Prison” in both episodes to protect the location’s privacy. (from Wikipedia)

The prison’s 800 cells opened to receive prisoners on February 12, 1898, and that day admitted 1,403 prisoners, creating immediate overcrowding. To a greater or lesser extent, overcrowding persisted throughout the next century.

An administration building and other smaller buildings for offices, warehouses, and factories were built within the twenty-foot (6.15m)high, three-foot (1 m) thick rock walls.


Inside the walls shot thru an opening in a gate

The old Tennessee State Prison closed in June 1992. As part of the settlement in a class action suit, Grubbs v. Bradley (1983), the Federal Court issued a permanent injunction prohibiting the Tennessee Department of Correction from ever again housing inmates at the Tennessee State Prison.


Crows on the back guard post


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