The River Road Mystery

These two buildings are pretty easy to overlook if you are traveling down River Road going between West Nashville and Ashland City.  I’ve noticed them many times and often wondered what they are. Were they built facing each other and only a few feet apart to help keep the cold wind from blowing in every time the doors were opened. Were these built for farm workers or servants?  I have no idea – maybe you do.  Leave a comment and let me know and I’ll spread the word!

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4 Responses to The River Road Mystery

  1. Stephanie Harrington says:

    I have asked Darryl to take a look at these and see what he knows about them. I love reviewing all the pics. You and Lucy have a great eye! Hope you keep posting them!

  2. Stephanie Harrington says:

    Okay, I have it on authority that these are probably buildings for smoking and curing meat.

  3. Peggy H. Howell says:

    Don’t know about these buildings, but many years ago, families did not have their kitchen as a part of the house where they slept. The kitchen was a separate building because of the possibility of fire destroying the kitchen. Just saying……

  4. Grant King says:

    When I lived nearby I was told by an elderly gentleman that those buildings were a sharecropper’s home and there used to be a covered hallway between them. One building was the kitchen and the other was living quarters.

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